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Dr. Meyer – How It All Began

Our story begins in the 1980s. Dr. Raoul Meyer, a family physician in France, established one of the most prominent clinics in Lyon, eventually expanding it to include alternative therapies as he began specializing in auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture), based on his belief that his patients should also be entitled to effective natural treatments.

The clinic also specialized in homeopathy and phytotherapy which eventually led to the development of the formulas we now provide.


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מוצרי קוסמטיקה טבעית

Dvora Meyer, as Dr. Meyer’s firstborn daughter, is currently in the forefront of the natural cosmetics arena with the exclusive PANIM PARIS label.

“When I was still young, perhaps about 12 years old, I saw my father mixing several oils and plants. I asked if it was to make our home smell nice. ‘No, this is for your mother’s skin’, he answered.

I never imagined that 10 years later I would be carrying on his work. The nice touch to this story is that both my mother and I still use the very same unique plant mixture.”

We promise results!

We’ve seen changes in the cosmetics industry, changes based primarily on chemical ingredients. It’s now almost 40 years since the first blends were produced by Dr. Raoul Meir, but to date we haven’t seen any new blends in this field that reach the quality of PANIM PARIS.

For many years now these formulas have shown proven results for our clients.

PANIM PARIS promises you an exclusive European cosmetic experience which will provide you with the best results from purchase to support for your skin’s maximum benefit.

Up to 100% active natural ingredients

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